women's Golf

Golf is a game for life – it combines outdoor exercise with great company.

The Women's Committee organises Women's Golf at the Redland Bay Golf Club.

Information about Women's golf is posted on the noticeboard in the Women's Room.

Women's President          Jenny Gorton

Women's Captain             Margaret Bennett

Women's Comittee

                                          Pam Jansons

                                          Helen Teys

                                         Jan Fletcher

                                        Jayne Russell

                                        Judy Noble

                                        Sandy May

                                        Dawn Lane

                                        Lyn Baker

Membership options range from 7, 6 or 5 day as well as a Lifestyle membership which is a transitional pathway into 7, 6 or 5 day memberships.  A Get into Golf membership is also available to new members for 12 months only.


Special Events include:

Opening Day

Charity Day

Open Days

Closing Day    

Get into GOlf

In conjunction with Golf Australia, Redland Bay Golf Club offers regular…

  • free Introduction clinics to Ladies golf
  • four week ladies beginner clinics

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Play Golf

Women play in competitions on Tuesdays and Sundays

Competition fee is $15 per Game for members.

Women's Handicaps range from 0 to 45:

Division 1        0 to 21

Division 2        22 to 31

Division 3        32 to 45

Other weekly Competitions include:

*an 18 hole medley (male and female) event on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays;

*a 9 hole sponsored sweepstakes competition (male and female) held on a Friday.

The RBGC Women have a keen commitment to welcome and encourage new female members to join them in their golfing activities as well as supporting new female beginners.

The women have a mentoring program whereby experienced women golfers accompany female beginners over a few holes to assist them with learning about the Game of Golf. The mentoring program is held over a number of weeks throughout the year.

Four Beginner Days are held each year where women new to golf are invited to play in a 4 person Ambrose event to experience playing in a competition as part of a team

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