Board of Directors and Committees

The committee for 2021-22 are

Board of Directors

President: Steve Cairns

Captain: Rob McAlpine

Director of Finance: David Grey

Director of Grounds: Tom Crothers

Director of Golf Development: Pam Thomas

Director of Stakeholder Relations: Ron Pollock


Patron:  Don Kidd



Chair: Tom Crothers (Director of Grounds)

Supporting Director: Rob McAlpine - Captain

Members: John Stoner, Michele Stanley, Brett Patman, Peter Teys and Ian Woodyard

Employees: Paul Fitzpatrick (General Manager), Dion Cope (Course Superintendent) and Gavin Beck (Golf Operations Manager)


Chair: David Grey (Director of Finance)

Supporting Director: Pam Thomas (Director of Golf Development)

Members: Brett Brown and David Saville

Employees: Paul Fitzpatrick (General Manager)

Match and Golf Development

Chair: Rob McAlpine (Captain)

Supporting Directors: Pam Thomas (Director of Golf Development) & Tom Crothers ( Director of Grounds)

Members: Trish Bougourd (Ladies Captain) and Ron Pollock (Veterans Captain)

Employees: Paul Fitzpatrick (General Manager), Gavin Beck (Golf Operations Manager) and Dion Cope (Course Superintendent)

Strategic Planning, Governance and Stakeholder Relations

Chair: Steve Cairns (President)

Supporting Directors: Ron Pollock ( Director of Stakeholder Relations), David Grey (Director of Finance) and Tom Crothers (Director of Grounds)

Employees: Paul Fitzpatrick (General Manager)